To empower communities to thrive, grow nourishing food and live sustainably.


Our Mission 

Vision Statement

A widespread misunderstanding of how to effectively integrate sustainability and local food growth into local communities play a part in exacerbating climate change. Our current food production and distribution system also contributes significantly to climate change and is environmentally unsustainable, and destroys ecosystems. It produces unequal food insecurity, food deserts, and unhealthy food supplies.

HarvestUnite addresses this problem by promoting shared leadership and relational autonomy. Strengthening communal bonds by building bridges among historically disjointed communities. A food-growing, food-sharing community, can win food sovereignty, increase food security, and bring forth healthy, nutritious, yummy food for everyone. We support regenerative agriculture, zero waste living, and climate literacy education. We are building a diverse community where everyone may grow and share their harvest.

Grow with Us.


Our beginnings 

HarvestUnite arose as a direct, local response to the pandemic, growing food sovereignty, and climate justice movements.

Our founder, Roxana, gathered a team in April 2020 that formulated and implemented plans for seed distribution, and the assembly and distribution of Hydro-Garden Kits.

In our first six months, working with the Community Ecology Institute and Columbia Community Care, HarvestUnite assembled and distributed 300+ Hydro-Garden kits, seedlings and countless seeds. Our work continues to build a supported sustainable living movement.