Our Core Directors

Roxana  Segovia-Beltran_Skyler VanGorkum

Roxana M.


Founder & Creative Director 

Roxana is a permaculturist, educator, and entrepreneur. As such, she’s devoted her life to protecting our planet and empowering its people. Roxana has traveled across the country to encourage others in movement-building, social impact, leadership, and uplifting voices. Roxana has a BA in Gender, Ethnic & Multicultural Studies. In her free time, Roxana loves to do yoga, garden, practice gratitude, and write.


Alfred S. Beltran

Treasurer & Media Director 

Al is an electrical engineer specializing in the power distribution field. Driven by his passion for renewable energy, he published three papers on solar power and presented two of these papers at the IEEE PhotoVoltaic Specialist Conference. Al received a BS in electrical engineering at Cal Poly and an MSEE at KSU. He enjoys gardening, playing music, directing videos for HarvestUnite, problem-solving, and spending time with family.


Our core  

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Our Stucture

HarvestUnite is an Unincorporated

Non-Profit Association.