The Aloha Spirit 

With reverence to the memory of the wisdom of ancient Native Hawaiin traditions, HarvestUnite is adopting the Aloha Spirit philosophy for its principles. This is to protect our movement and keep it a healthy, respectful environment. As long as the following principles are respected and followed, anyone in the community can be part of HarvestUnite. 

The Aloha Spirit a way of treating ourselves and one another with love and respect. Aloha has many cultural orientations founded upon a sense of respect and connection to all living things, including the land. The old kahunas of Hawaii taught that the Aloha Spirit is a way of reaching self-realization for our body and soul, spreading and receiving positive energy, and living in harmony.


to be expressed with tenderness


to be expressed with harmony


to be expressed with compromise


to be expressed with modesty


to be expressed with perseverance