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What is the Sustainable Living Training Guide?

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A Pathway 
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A Supportive
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For a relational, joyful, rhythmic approach to Sustainable living and food growth

How it works

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1.Choose to become a Grower

2.Choose your Growth Project


3.Make a


"Nothing happens until something moves.When something vibrates, the electrons of the entire universe resonate. Everything is connected." 


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The Sustainable Living Training Guide is a leadership development program that begins by attending one of our Monthly Gatherings with details on how to become a Grower and start a Growth Project. This also a reflection opportunity for Growers to gain insight into their journeys.


All Growers have access to a 1:1 coaching session, resource library, and workshops.


How to Get moving 



"Do not go where the path may lead. Instead, go where there is no path and leave a trail."


Fulfilled Living

Fulfilled Living is taking on a personal commitment to achieve daily sustainable living and food growing practices that benefit yourself and the environment.


Examples & Ideas 

Zero Waste Living 

Starting a Communal Garden 



and so much more



Alternatives is working towards viable substitutes for sustainable living and food growth. This includes engineering solutions for alternatives to be adopted into local communities on a wide scale.



Examples & Ideas

Forming Bulk Co-ops

Promoting Circular Economies 

Creating Junk Art 

Planning Community Swaps

and so much more 



Re-organization is advocating local institutions to become systematically sustainable. 

Examples & Ideas 

Local Small Businesses 


Multi-Family Communities 

Local Organizations

Conducting research on systematic sustainability & waste reduction

and so much more

Frequently asked questions

What does the Sustainable Living Training Guide have to offer?

The SLTG offers one 1:1 coaching session, access to our exclusive Grower's resource library (soon to come) and communication platform, monthly group reflection sessions, and a community to thrive with.

Is there a cost to the Sustainable Living Training Guide?

There is no cost to be a part of the SLTG. You are welcome to donate to support our work. We are a volunteer-run organization.

Who can join the Sustainable Living Training Guide?

Anybody who is willing to become a Grower can join the SLTG. Participants under the age of 18 require written consent from guardians which can be provided in the sign up form sent to those that attend the online presentation. We ask that all Growers follow our principles.

Who is a Grower? What is a Growth Project?

A Grower is an individual who takes on a Growth Project. The Growth Project framework is a socio-ecological model that serves the individual, the relationship between the Growers’, the local community, and the environment.

Who conducts the coaching and reflection sessions?

Our head Growth Coach is our founder Roxana. Roxana has been an active conservationist for 10+ years and has expertise in all the above-mentioned Growth Project ideas. All SLTG Growers are encouraged to become leaders in their communities and become Growth Coaches once they feel ready to begin supporting their communities on a deeper level.

Why is reflection included into the Sustainable Living Training Guide?

Reflection is an integral part of the program that develops organizational and leadership skills in a positive solution orientation manner. HarvestUnite will encourage Growers to reflect on their actions and progress and whether there is a better or more efficient way of organizing in the future.

Are you still accepting donations?

Donations are accepted by Growers who are working on specific Growth Projects. Please contact us if you would like to donate materials to our Growth Projects.

How do I Sign-up?

The first step is to RSVP to the Online Intro Presentation. After you attend, you'll receive a sign-up form and directions on how to gain access to the resource library. We use Slack for our core communication platform and core management.